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Tired of dealing with old looking, blemished and dull skin? Bring back your confidence and enjoy a more youthful new you with Elite Laser Cosmetic Clinic’s Thermage and laser skin treatment Newport.

We offer the experience, expertise, and competent skin treatments to address any skin condition. From acne to pigmentation, fine wrinkles to stretch marks, enlarged pores to Rosacea, and everything in between, our highly trained Therapists will create a custom treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Here at Elite Laser Cosmetic Clinic, we offer Thermage and Laser Skin treatments tailored for you. Whatever your skin concern is, our team of practitioners have the experience, knowledge and professional skills to provide skin treatments that deliver the best results.

Enhance and rejuvenate what makes you confident. All in love with your skin all over again with our non-invasive procedures that can help you keep a natural, young appearance while highlighting your greatest features. Visit our cosmetic clinic Newport to learn more about our products and services.

Thermage Skin Tightening Newport


To increase collagen creation, Thermage Newport uses cutting-edge technology to heat the skin surface to 41 degrees – 65 degrees beneath the epidermis/dermis layer. The heat will then metabolize harmful fibers and cells, causing fibroblast cells to be stimulated (these produce collagen and elastin fibres). Collagen production is stimulated helping bring back the youth in your skin.

This procedure helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while also improving the skin’s general texture. Any place where there is a lack of collagen can benefit from laser skin tightening.

The treatment is quick and painless, with little to no downtime.

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Laser Treatment Newport


Total skin rejuvenation is achieved using professional-grade laser therapy, which decreases acne outbreaks, redness, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles, post-inflammatory scarring, and Rosacea.

Our non-invasive laser treatment works at a cellular level to give you that radiant, wow skin texture (especially great to fight active acne and rosacea). The calming, deep penetrating LED lights penetrate deep into cells, enhancing their internal activities, photo-stimulating dermal blood flow, and speeding up healing to keep your skin looking youthful.

After Care Tips for Best Results

Laser Treatments

We recommend 4-6 laser treatments at two sessions each week for best results. Our laser treatment is a terrific stand-alone treatment that will leave your skin glowing and energetic.

It’s the hero treatment, designed to boost the results of any of our other skin treatments, as well as any of our skin rejuvenation treatments, by speeding up the healing process and reducing bruising and swelling.

Thermage Treatment

As the patient recovers from a Thermage procedure, clients are advised to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays and prevent further damage to your skin, apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin, apply aloe vera gel to soothe any discomfort or pain. Avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks after the procedure. Additionally, you can apply a topical steroid cream if you have any redness or discoloration on your face.

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Our highly-skilled staff of professionals is experienced in producing best-in-class outcomes using modern technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals are trained in the most up-to-date technologies and only use the safest equipment.

We have the experience, understanding, and professional Thermage and Laser Treatments to offer the finest outcomes targeted to your skin goals, regardless of your skin condition.

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